21st Century Employability Skills Training for Top Employees

Research has indicated that these are the key employable skills that top employers require

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Personal Career Development
  • Team Work and Social Skills     .
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication (Oral and Writing skills)
  • Technology Literacy
  • Planning and Organizational Skills/Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Financial Literacy
  • Life Skills (Leadership, Employee Attitude, Time Management, Decision Making, Flexibility, Initiative and Productivity)

Venue: Uganda Museum Duration: 2 weeks starting on 1st March 2016

Fee: 100,000 shillings only   

Trainers: Experienced Managers from Top Organisations

Hurry before registration is closed. Registration is currently going on at Uganda Museum reception. Uganda Museum is located in Kamwokya next to Uganda Wild Life Authority

Employers will fight for you!!!!!

For more information, contact: 0772 685728; 0703582740; 0392845801



    Centre for social research [CSR] thanks so much for the training module you organised at Uganda Museum i was one of the active participants in the training.I acknowledged that “Employers said most graduates lacked self-confidence, could not express themselves properly and lacked the technical mastery required in the jobs they are seeking” professor Mayuga Secretary to the IUCEA. And the fact that the study shows that Uganda has the worst record, with at least 63% of graduates found to lack job market skills Tanzania 61% Burundi 55%, Rwanda 52% and Kenya 51% of the graduates were believed to be un fit for jobs! It’s on this note that i argue all the concerned parties in Universities,Tertiary institutions,publicservice to embrace and come on board to support this initiative to train people in Employability skills like critical thinking,creative thinking,personal career development,Team work,organisational skills listening,communication skills etc before the time bomb blasts!!!.

  2. tukashaba Felix says:

    i have been attending your training sessions and they have tried to teach me what it means by time management,being panctual,productive in thinking,last week you happened to be at our university that is MUNI UNIVERSITY-Arua, i attended stil and eventually got a certificate,thank you so much for tha great big idea,

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