CSR focuses on providing both long term and short term technical assistance in Research, Training, Strategic and Operational Planning, and Monitoring and Evaluation for educational and social development programmes /projects

Monitoring and Evaluation
• Development of monitoring and evaluation systems
• Design of conceptual, logical and results frameworks, indicators and tools using participatory approaches
• Conduct project/program evaluations which include; baseline assessments for rapid project start-ups, mid-term reviews and end of project evaluations
• Monitoring and evaluation training and implementation support
• Data quality audits/assessments

• Design and implement surveys and operation research
• Design and execution of both qualitative and quantitative studies
• Conduct studies that involve integration of both approaches
• Data analysis and synthesis of complex information in to user friendly formats
• Systematic literature reviews and preparation of technical policy briefs

• Development of training materials (guidelines, manuals and other tools)
• Conduct training needs assessments
• Conducting participatory training sessions and workshops

Strategic and Operational Planning
• Provides technical support in strategic planning and reviews through the use of participatory approaches
• Provides technical support in project proposal development (both technical and cost proposals)
• Development of policies, strategies and guidelines in education and social service delivery
• Provides technical support in scenario planning and stakeholder analysis

Dissemination of Research Findings
CSR utilizes effective media strategies to disseminate research findings.